Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


Have you ever considered an urban, chic, up-to-date style for your home? When you think of modern, do the words cold, industrial, concrete, and/or geometric come to mind?

Something more at home in New York than here in the UAE? No room for warmth or softness, family or fluidity? If that’s what you envision when you hear the words “modern style”, then you haven’t experienced it as it has been brought to life in Montreal.

Montreal is home to the W Montreal Hotel. It is the very essence of ultra-chic, ultra-stylish, ultra-modern interior design. And it’s going to serve as our inspiration today. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your tour of the W Montreal.

If you like what you see well enough to give it a try in your own apartment or villa, contact us at Milestone for a free consultation. We can bring modern style into your home, without traveling all the way to Canada to get it.

Warm Reds and Inviting Woods


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


When you enter the W, you aren’t greeted with a traditional “lobby” per se. The W prefers to call their entry room the “living room” – just as you have at home. Only this is like no ordinary living room.

Decked out in black sofas with red, grey, and white accent pillows, accompanied by soft red petal chairs, you know you’re not in your Grandmother’s favorite getaway spot.

The concierge desk is distinguished with a back drop of floor to second storey wood paneling, broken by a long, low fish tank. Areas of the room are screened from the street outside by more bright red – this time scarlet draperies. It’s an inviting, warm, yet decidedly 21st century look.

Your home’s living room could have the same modern, sleek styling with those inviting reds, too. Greet your guests in 5-star style. Create a focal point with a floor to ceiling draperies, or floor to ceiling wood paneling. It’s not as cold, stark, or as difficult as you might have once imagined.

Entertain in Modern Style


The W Montreal is home to three of the city’s hottest night spots. One, the Bartini, replaces the reds and blacks of the living room with bright blue hues.

A second, the Plateau, creates a truly modern style using warm, old-fashioned earth tones – reds, golds, tans, browns, oranges – in a new, chic, sleek way.

You can entertain your guests in a similar atmosphere. Earth tones are abundant in many forms of décor and furnishings. Again, it’s not as cold, as “industrial”, or as “urban” as one might expect, and yet, it is very uptown and hip.


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


The true delight, and see-and-be-seen, hot spot at the W is the Wunderbar. It’s undulating, multicolored ceiling immediately dispels any thoughts that modern means angular, geometric, and hard-edged. It’s rainbow of colors also defeats any myths about modern style being restricted to merely black, red, grey, and white, or all sleek stainless steel and gleaming glass.

Yes, the photo shows SOME of that, as they ARE hallmarks of the modern style. Just imagine yourself surrounded by flowing colors – every color you can imagine – and yet still having that distinct modern style. Those kettle drum seats would certainly liven up your lounge or game room, wouldn’t they?

Modern Can Be Soothing, Too


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


The photo shows you a glimpse of the Away Spa at the W Montreal. Now, imagine taking those cool greys, warm woods, and soft blues into YOUR bath.

Soak your cares away surrounded by sleek, chic, modern touches, while relaxing in an inviting, soft atmosphere. It’s all in the lines of the fixtures and furniture, the finishes and accessories, that you choose.

You can easily recreate the W’s relaxation-meets-sophistication in your own home with the right choices.

Dining in Style


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


Perhaps the most “modern” styled interior the W Montreal has to offer is its Etree Avec Tois restaurant. It is a dining experience like no other, and the menu, chef, or wine list have little to do with it.

The entire establishment is also a gallery of mostly local modern art. You dine under a mural painted by a street artist. Your table is next to a piece created by someone from Montreal’s student art scene. The window is embellished by a hanging installation that combines modern materials with an ancient motif.


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


With some careful collecting and selecting, your dining room can rival that of the W. Picture yourself serving family and friends while surrounded by your own gallery of modern art! Dinner parties will never lack for conversation, as you can discuss what’s on the walls while relishing what’s on your plates.

Create a feast for the eyes, as well as the body. And nothing needs be lost for the sake of your modern art and style. Your heirloom crystal and silver will still gleam just as brightly amid your paintings and pieces. Your family will still feel right at home.


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


If, however, you WOULD like to extend the modern styling throughout your dining room, the W serves as inspiration for that, as well.

Their Extreme Wow suite has a dining area capable of seating 8. The table is a spotless, polished black, and the chairs ultra-modern, yet comfortable. The backdrop is both the city skyline AND soft blue draperies.

Note the gleaming crystal chandelier that not only serves as a lighting fixture, but a bit of modern art itself. Similar pieces can be chosen and used in your space. In fact, updated lighting is one way to introduce the modern style into an established, more traditional space.

Private Luxury


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


Your bedroom should be your haven from the cares and stress of the world. A modern-styled bedroom might seem less-than-relaxing if you’re thinking “traditional” modern style of steel, concrete, and hard edges.

The W Montreal, however, has defeated that old myth, too. They’ve brought modern into the bedroom in a sophisticated, understated, even soothing way. The gold tones soften the stark contrast of the black and white linens. And the cool cotton linens and plump, downy pillows simply add to the luxurious softness of the room.

It’s quite possible to bring the same sophistication and modern style into your bedroom, too. A hard day need not end in a stark, cold “modern” room when you choose softer, no-less-modern styling as the W Montreal has done.


Image credit: W Montreal Hotel


Milestone, Modern Styles, and You

Here at Milestone, we can help bring the W Montreal’s “softer, gentler” modern style to your apartment or villa.

Whether you’d like to just try it out in one space, or bring your entire home into the 21st century, we can help. From choosing colors and furnishings, to helping you find your own “masterpieces”, Milestone’s professionals will assist you in bringing a bit of Montreal’s urban modernism to your UAE home.

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